By Claudia Gova

Inside of us its there. An let me tell you, I’m so hard to convince about unseen things, but the sensation was there. This past weeks, I became a believer that we all have a creature yelling, playing, dancing and sometimes crying inside.

Don’t you believe me?

This year I started in my classes to talk about creation.


What I can share today with you is that since that space of sharing and discussing, I couldn’t realised before the importance of having in mind a human quality, so basic and simple: the quality of life. Isn’t life creation? Are we creators?

I let this question open for you, all this words are write with the intention to ask, to release and left vestiges of several but significant beliefs.

So what I want to left here, is a little invocation to that little but mutable creature that awaits with cristal eyes at the bottom of us. Not just at the bottom, its there calling more and more loudly, making an invitation turning our desires to begin a way, an authentic and brave path of self knowledge.

I called this article “kind creature” cause a good professor told me that more that ever, we need self respect, kindness and softness in this wild adventure. If we left the door open and we start to listen to our own voice, we must be aware that a house know or unknown, has ceilings, floors, an underground as its own roots and gardens. So there will be clean as nasty parts but lets face and embrace the wholeness of our creative spirits.

Are we there to listen? to play? to heal? to hold hands with our vulnerable parts?

743ba5f2d79284fe5dece33de149023fPhoto:Brooke Smart

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