By Claudia Gova

A friend of mine, a great teacher, once told me:

listen to your own song, your rhythm, your slow downbeat.

So for a year, I kept watching my vital coordinates. And I discovered part of my way of living. Half of me wonders on stars, dreams, clear skies, security and solitude. A good and whole solitude, very quiet and still. The other half wants deeply to triumph on the routine world.

You follow me? I have an inner sensation of being split. Comfort and success, secure or extremely adventurous. Maybe this is a common sensation and this “maybe” exclamation comes from an observation that we are not so different from one another.


In my case, I reflect a lot on my own potentialities as also as failures so I can comprehend myself as a whole. For the moment, right now, I can tell you that this dissection of wanting opposites, made me a human truly competent.


Because watching and accepting my polarities, helped me to grab pressure. With time I kept joining and playing with both sides and the result of that chemistry was a new path. Not only I am becoming a compassionate mother to myself, a courageous father emerged from my center.

As the typical phrase that says “all depends on the crystal your looking”,  I chose to look at my opposites, to be complete, not to force my aspects to be the same but just to be. Are you willing to hold yourself in that way?

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