By Claudia Gova

There are times of change, and I think and feel we are walking in a very important one. “Don’t panic” -That’s a thing I keep saying to myself.  We are walking as complete new human beings and to learn to walk like someone who we don’t have references,  what do we need in the first place?


We also needed trust and action. Cause when we were babies, who asked us how we were experiencing our period of learning of how to walk? No one. We were a pure experience.

Now we are experience plus a mind full of past. A body full of masks. A soul with a large recording tape anthology. And what we can do with all this information continuously trespassing us, is to keep walking and unlearning. Blessing the path and saying goodbye to the structure that its no longer helpful to our right now situation. Letting us the permission of doing this act of “unlearning and detaching ” can lead us to a peaceful encounter with reality.

Not easy

But here we are. Holding economy, the family, our personal lies lives, our jobs, our passions, our health, our mournings. After all, we certainly deal with all this, each one of us in a different level of stress or happiness and in a personal and unique style of living. You can ask me, whats the difference now? What is that this post points towards something new?

I feel heart. Heart open. Heart closed. Heart beginner. And I wanna keep questioning to myself and to you. How do you fall fell since the year started?  Being disarmed and nude?  I remember in the last month, being angry and sad cause I can´t  longer ignore what is constantly facing me. I face the sensation of failure even I witness pure love.

I started the year with health, surrounded by friends and by a beautiful family, eating deliciously, dancing till morning… and like a quiet dam that suddenly burst, an internal voice spoke softly. My body felt nervous for the sensation of seeing that I was more present and at the same time with fear.

Wait! How being happy and joyious can led you to a state of fear? Well I was with the whole package of life. Joy and fear. And for the first time in my life, I could watch more parts in me: the festive and the beastly, the terrestrial and the unknown. What a fresh start this January don’t you agree?




Illustration: Oksana Shvets


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