By Mon A.

I ran away from sadness

Hiding tears even from myself.

“Crying isn’t gonna fix anything”- a soft voice spoke

I remembered to that woman in the mirror. And I started questioning…Why we are so mean to sadness? It isn’t the reflection of weakness, is just the consolidation of the emotions with the circumstance.

Sadness could be your spirit, admitting something you loved is gone.

“Catch up with it. Cry. Let it be with you because you are allowed to feel”-  someone advised me a Saturday night.

While the dark is deep, time is late and loneliness is my cloak, tears flow on my cheeks, all over my neck, I can feel them even in my throat. They cut my respiration. But there, I breathe. I live

It’s only you, who can let sadness pass and give it time

Be strong, proud, sad.

It’s fine…



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