By Claudia Gova

Today a friend dedicated me a song. He said: “with the people I start to know deeply, I choose a song that reminds me of them”. And this thing of him reminded me also a personal signature, I use to match images, characters, food or smells with people and circumstances.

It’s beautiful the mechanism of memory and the very unique techniques each one of us uses, to grab pieces of experiences and relate them to create meaning.

How ingeniously we pick traits of energy, of life and we store them into colossal inner libraries.

My friend associated with me a piece of Beethoven (the link at the end👇🏿), he explained to me that, in his opinion, the composer was pure Light and mystery.  A genius from flesh and bones, capable of exploring the intangible and express it here on Earth. That made me felt huge honor, to be linked to such a big and tremendous song and uncomparable human. That also made me watch my reaction to a love expression.

I couldn’t believe

those high words

carrying a connection

the song and me

so I remembered how water

cracks in the stone

I visualize water when I listen to music and wonder as I watch how it connects points that seem apart. It´s the first time I opened myself to receive consciously words and music, from an intimate self to another. It´s the first time I allow to listen to those words. And sadly saw how repeatedly in my life, I avoid beauty to be part of me.

For a long time, beauty and art were possible from the position of the spectator, not from my own emanating center. I was afraid of being gazed, inspirational and enjoyed by the other.

So these words are dedicated to him, to that good friend that chose to run like a river, until he touched my heart and offered it a song of Beethoven. With a simple but titanic show of kindness, he invited me to open acceptance and appreciation, trust and a new point of view, focused on a trip to the inside.

Piano Concerto No. 5, Op. 73 “Emperor” II

Thanks, Ernesto

Travis Bedel

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