By Claudia Gova

I dreamt that I was going out of the porch of my new home, at the center of Barcelona. While I was waiting for the door to close, I saw a friend walking up the street with his white and amazing dog. At the moment I recognize him, I yelled of happiness and I could observe myself being exaggerated and goofy, trying to reach his side.

I consider there is a striking lesson in the concept of time, during the dream. It’s an elastic and more evident concentration or dissolution of it. That makes us insecure or release. Depends on our energy towards what is presented

I ran, in this dream, towards him and what I could remember of this fleeting moment, is the excitement to watch him pass in front of my door. “What a beautiful time synchrony!”-I felt.  And the rest of the dream vanished like washing powder on water.

Now, seated at a table, surrounded by light and the noises of the city; I think in the sensation that was able to hold on to my brain so I could remember that construction after I opened the eyes in this world at morning. I feel blessed, for not trying to analyze the meaning of my dreams, but to recognize textures, details, emotions, images, faces and curious patterns of stories that came alive when I decide to sleep and give in the oneiric universe.

Give in, deliver, let, allow

became a channel of information?

why not?

While I was browsing on Twitter, moments ago, a phrase highlighted my eyes. It said: “everything that comes from the heart, makes echoes into the universe” And as I read this words I started to let them come inside. Not brooding, today I had a vibrant space to relate where I put my attention and start an exercise of letting the words dive into my body, into my brain, into that intangible place where I can wait till something sprout up. Silence, emotions, images and again language in many possibilities can visit you IF you give in that way.

With this phrase in my inside, I start writing to the outside. Making and experimenting. Praying and while I type this article, I realize word by word a little more of me. How changing, how infinite, how related to a lot of things we are and the most important, how alive I am when I deliver and play with that echoes.


Reika Iwami
Reika Iwami



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