These days I felt the time and space danced wild between compression and extension

Like an accordion. Like a womb preparing a baby to be born. Like a cocoon craking.

Change. I spoke to the universe and said: “you know what? I feel you and I am tired, should I give up? okay, I am realizing that resistance is outrageous, but fear is melting down, sometimes paralyzing my stomach and I’m also capable to follow the sun, he is heating my chest, is the world glorious and incoherent?. P.S.: how intense is to live!”

So the universe answered me with a big silence smile.
Initially, I became upset with such an uncomfortable reply, but at the end, I got a click click click

What is all this about in this dialog that I externalize in the seek of meaning?

I tried to get an external response but the speaker I was interviewing was playing again with my stubbornness. I saw that silence as an invitation to establish a new dialog between daily life, snowed under schedules, jaded spirits, and forgotten leisure.

With a strange notification to my protests, I joined a phrase that said: “no room for doubt, attend yourself within” and in the way, I listened up, the mystery opened a flow all around. Suddenly a door of care through details, through the order, through surrender… commands with constant whispers to my adventurous heart.


Myriam Dupouy



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