During an open class of meditation, our teacher was openly talking about stars. About the quality we touch when we open to silence, to encounter, to gaze of our own nature.

We have violence but also, we have the energy to route the damage we can cause to others, to Earth, to ourselves.

I keep thinking and feeling my body in resonance with her words, I kept the word death now refreshed with new meaning. Since now in my head, death is close to life, close to my eyes, close to the people I love; very close playing with the time. Making me consider my passing through this day more free and relaxed.

Why don’t we see life as a flow that requires attention and listening? We can choose to remember our part in the play, a careful witness that is there to catch a petition, an important offer from the universe in instant of action.

Act as a bird that nows it´s made for flying, chanting and painting the skies with beauty

Act as a flower that dances with the wind and let the water feed it.

Act as a mountain deeply rooted and still, contemplating the sun circular returns.

Act as a human, capable of being destructive or wise, creator, conscious of his/ her vulnerabilities, present to offer the self to service.

We have medicine, all around and under the skin.

What we need is here, in front of the seeker that want to see. In front of the heart that is listened, the answers to our prays and petitions are visible if we slow down and took our surroundings as the first teacher that is there to show us the example that everything is downloading wisdom.


Illustration: Inge Löök

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