When it rains, here in Barcelona, I remember my brother. I don’t know if I talk in previous posts about Ayrton Senna, but is one of the heroes of my sibling. He admires his bravery on the race, his clear perception while taking risks and his rebel style.

So when it rains I bring back what I know of Senna, that he loved to go out on competition even if the circumstances like bad weather, present on the action field. For him, the rain was a signal for being more aware, and danger made him activate not only his skills but a deep certainty for overcoming the obstacles through instinct and mind.

I started the day with rain and now, I am finishing it with more water running down the window. The sound is quite relaxing and even I’m not wanting to drive in the F1 I want to remember when it rains that I have the capacity to drive courageously my life, taking advantage of what comes.

I remember a phrase a teacher told this Friday morning, she said: “when you feel lost, anxious, angry, confused…go back and breathe. Touch yourself through breathing, go inside you with air, coming along with your own compression til reaching stillness”

This night seems to bring back memories related to my brother and my teacher, the lessons beneath their channels of wisdom, of pieces of significant information they share with me. One connecting to a reflection towards facing and embracing life in all its spectrum and the other is about the simple and natural ways we have to reach peace.

With the focus on nature or focus on the flow of our lungs, we have two routes to create a stronger dialogue with the external, with the feelings, with the circumstances, with all.

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