Are we divided?

As a normal response to this question, someone could answer: “yeah, that’s obvious, you are you and I am another living organism! duh!”

Sometimes I ask myself why I express. Writing, talking, dancing, taking pictures of what I consider significant, tweeting, painting my face, posting on webs and media, drawing, acting… a spiral of energy offered to the exterior.

Aware or not, I continue the conversation.

With response or not, I kept pulling many invisible strings.


I feel my nature, as an individual, building an identity, embracing a path to encounter something optimal that lights a fire within.  I sense that this simple reflection of me deconstructing my identity and playing with it in many different pieces and forms, its a way of searching, learning, investigating and going in a direction of meaning.

The work here is to chase and catch ourselves in the act. Because, with all the sum of our routines, I can ensure that introspection of our actions, becomes a brave and warrior task.  Even if we had periods of less stress or total flow, we tend to pass in life. We tend to think how apart we are one another, separated? really?

With the force of the external environment, of our movements to give and receive, of all the stories we add to our personalities, with our perceptions towards reality….we lost the mind. We also get lost while doing, in the speed of events, in our dreams and ambitions. Maybe I tend to generalize, but I can feel we have a common background and battlefield.

This battlefield called life, it’s a puzzle. A blessing and a game. A simple bridge with complex and well-designed parts. A continuous invitation to break into pieces, get lost and reunite with meaning, with love, with essence.

Presence! that’s a good word. A word we often take for granted, to be honest with ourselves, we lack of it. We forget we are here for a short time, that we are asked to stray as to embody presence and bring it to Earth.

A few minutes ago, a friend texts me: “the silence is important as the notes” referring to the need of rest and pleasure moments. And I took her phrase to apply it to my thought. We need a dialog, a dance, to sway between consciousness and unconsciousness. As we need to establish a critical eye between what we share and show, to establish a solid version of us.


image: Henri Cartier-Bresson. On the Rhine, Germany, 1956

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