You are the soul of the universe, and your name is Love – Rumi

What a wonderful start. By thinking and feeling that phrase.

I been living life. As simple and obvious as it sounds.

These weeks I have been surfing through change. Fight, softness, anger and then surrender. Family encounters,  lovers touch, procrastination, failure, new experiences coming and going… And there was a subtle feeling underneath.

I experience common scenarios, maybe the characters (some) are new but the underground sensation that remains as sediment was that I was experiencing an opening, letting a flow pass my chest.

I was and I am really hearing my chest, my center.

I am observing and arriving at a point of honesty. The necessary honesty to accept I have fear of not knowing “how to”. How to be a woman? How to love? How to do a piece of art? How to flow? How to soft? How to respect my sexuality?

Accepting that I bearly know a thing, that I am in a process of discovering and enjoying, I achieve that state of “pure liberty” seek by realizing that through that gaze of myself. I must confess, in most cases I PANIC.

I realize that something is emerging completely wise and autonomous of the exterior validation or pressure. I also feel that the more I enter this path, I can´t longer hold on my previous excuses and escape rooms.

I am my own boss, judge, director, friend, and lover.

I am love

And while I really vibrate with awareness and acceptance that true essence, I keep chilling and working on how to create with felt rhythm, a nest to remind me to hear that voice that pushes from the inside to connect with my honesty and bravery.



Mia Charro


Nest of hearing your inner voice:

*I take 5, 10, 15 minutes to breathe

*Sometimes I touch with my hand my own chest and feel that encounter, that heat, that beat

*I love notebooks (I have lots and in many sizes) and write down feelings, doodle objects or things that catch my attention. I type names, ideas, music, quotes, etc. In order to have tangible own preferences.

*I walk and appreciate the beauty of the city where I live. I search for new things, like playing the game of finding a strange and unique form in the streets I “suppose” to know by memory.

*I dance or shake my body with music. I dance with myself. I pay attention to the music I’m hearing at the moment. There is for me a dialog between my vibration and the reality I chose to create.

*I clean my space ( a new addition to my list) Very useful if like me, you tend to collect and forget to order.

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