This summer, at a party, a great game came into the scenario. The girls in charge of the meeting, propose that each of the guests could present themselves through music, speech, movement, etc. So by turns, the hosts picked a person from the reunion, to stand and show.

The way they do it, made me enjoy even more the night. The rules were no rules, was completely open and subtle the invitation to participate. Actively or genuine, with preparation or in a completely spontaneous way… was always your choice. When you arrived at the place, they received you with love and a card of a role of the tarot. So when they picked from a box, the name of your character assigned, you had time and space to present yourself with total freedom.

There was a respectful vibe.

That truly amazes me, the capacity to join and recreate an atmosphere of spontaneous share.


R. Black Tarot

My card was the High Priestess! I admire and connect with cosmic feminine voice and energy that is truly in contact with the time, space, no time and no space: with infinity.

If you look closely to the card of this article (there are many interpretations of this card according to the illustrator) you can observe a great portal towards her open arms and towards the stars. Lovely! So much magic in the gifted gesture of being receptive.

What I did at that party was to sing. And I’m not used to consciously sing in front of people, I’m shy and sometimes insecure. But followed by the spirit of the group – that’s a good next topic to talk about: “the influence of community”- I stand and sang about the treasure of our female ancestors. A shamanic song, really beautiful called Las Antiguas.

So, here is a small story about a party, about an image, about the decision to say yes and expose me, open up to sensible movements and to low down the judgment on new proposals to gatherings. I said no to fear, no thank you. Yes yes yes to the figure of a woman crowned by wisdom and trust.

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