Fear and Desire, I’m learning that both are coming together. Like a waterfall or as a flower blooming beside the hunger of the beast that also is alive and sharing the sacred space on the surface of the Earth.

One year passed since my last entry, one year that vanished, one year that if I stand in this present, I honestly need to give a silent moment of mourn. Yes, I believe we are all mourning facing that things die, relationships change and our perception toward situations is in the actual uncomfortable process of transformation.

The board that I add to this post its called in Spanish “Ama tu miedo” which means, love your fear. And I have been creating it many months ago. That gives me a chance to clear the next ideas that are the focus of this share:

  1. It’s all a game of words, but words carry power. They impact your brain so I chose to join two opposite subjects and create a board of images where I keep selecting and saving what resonates with my understanding of fear and love.
  2. Time. When I look and take again what I left as unfinished (the blog, the social media, my image, projects, etc,.) I have another experience. The lesson of taking it back my stuff with a wider gaze of what I am creating. As we need time to heal, even if it sounds cliché, we need to abandon to see a more complete and spaced vision of our actions and investment of energy
  3. Realignment. I need to place on my refrigerator with big letters, purpurine, and crazy stickers this word. Alignment means an arrangement in which two or more things are positioned in a straight line or parallel to each other. Imagine, as Lenon, to place in parallel your actual life with your old understanding of it. Imagine placing in a straight line different emotions that now you are facing or ignoring. The “re” here helps us to remember that it’s necessary a constant U-turn, an evaluation, a check-up even if we believe nothing is happening or we are indifferent.
  4. Start again. Permit yourself to start again, to drop what you don’t need anymore, write on a paper: I give myself permission to grab what I love and also what I fear and create what I want. This last point I took it from the book: Embrace Wilderness of Brene Brown. Cause it’s amazing the urgency that our soul is pushing us to give this step: to allow yourself being, in an active and also passive way. But to materialize this permission with a simple gesture of writing done on a piece of paper: “I allow myself to…”

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