Now, I want to talk about quitting. Lately, I allowed myself to observe the desire to abandon and fudge away from hard responsibilities. But to be honest, wanting to quit and avoid certain things, made me feel tons of emotions, and at the end, these internal devour connected me straight to the roots of buried fears. I … Continue reading Bubble


During an open class of meditation, our teacher was openly talking about stars. About the quality we touch when we open to silence, to encounter, to gaze of our own nature. We have violence but also, we have the energy to route the damage we can cause to others, to Earth, to ourselves. I keep … Continue reading Votes

Adore you

Written by Claudia Gova Yesterday I went into a poem. I took a train across a show, a play, an orchestra, where a poetess drew images and joined intimate experiences to a close and small public. She invited strangers to her house -the event started from the outside to her sacred space. And I was … Continue reading Adore you