What is needed to write? A good piece, a fine body of thoughts that can connect with others? It's a mystery? I have been since the weekend, falling down into little flu.I opened past Sunday this blog and took it back after a long break. Sorry, not sorry. I experience the stages of no compromise, … Continue reading Soul


This summer, at a party, a great game came into the scenario. The girls in charge of the meeting, propose that each of the guests could present themselves through music, speech, movement, etc. So by turns, the hosts picked a person from the reunion, to stand and show. The way they do it, made me … Continue reading No-Yes


Two days of retreat, inside a forest of silent trees caught astonished an asleep self  a bridge asked me to remember Who I was? Who I am? The birds, the wind, the sound of the footsteps, the breathing, a mind full of beauty and damage, the river making noise... all was whispering and creating a … Continue reading Pipeline