Step by step

Fear and Desire, I'm learning that both are coming together. Like a waterfall or as a flower blooming beside the hunger of the beast that also is alive and sharing the sacred space on the surface of the Earth. One year passed since my last entry, one year that vanished, one year that if I … Continue reading Step by step


This summer, at a party, a great game came into the scenario. The girls in charge of the meeting, propose that each of the guests could present themselves through music, speech, movement, etc. So by turns, the hosts picked a person from the reunion, to stand and show. The way they do it, made me … Continue reading No-Yes


What I want to do right now? I have been wondering-dreaming-experiencing-meditating, a lot of internal and psychological aspects of me. Busy? in this intimate part hell yes! I have been traveling into a stream of daily but surreal time. Like a strawberry jelly, I feel the day composed by my common activities but touched by … Continue reading DO?


Trouble: Hello I'm here to teach Michelle´s heart: let's feel and pour this situation Monkey mind: waaaaait! panic attack! anger! go go go nonono or yes? whats next?   we want and then we drop the desire like rain, what we want comes and go sensations if they don't crystallize, they left bitterness   I … Continue reading Opposition


in love sometimes, while I walk, a soft internal voice emerges yesterday this whisper placed a simple thought in my head the image of pleasure and regret   I started wondering around the idea that we need balance I judge and saw myself situated on the satisfaction side whats wrong about that? you may point … Continue reading Drunk

Your name

You are the soul of the universe, and your name is Love - Rumi What a wonderful start. By thinking and feeling that phrase. I been living life. As simple and obvious as it sounds. These weeks I have been surfing through change. Fight, softness, anger and then surrender. Family encounters,  lovers touch, procrastination, failure, … Continue reading Your name


Are we divided? As a normal response to this question, someone could answer: "yeah, that's obvious, you are you and I am another living organism! duh!" Sometimes I ask myself why I express. Writing, talking, dancing, taking pictures of what I consider significant, tweeting, painting my face, posting on webs and media, drawing, acting... a spiral … Continue reading Individual