What is needed to write? A good piece, a fine body of thoughts that can connect with others? It's a mystery? I have been since the weekend, falling down into little flu.I opened past Sunday this blog and took it back after a long break. Sorry, not sorry. I experience the stages of no compromise, … Continue reading Soul


What I want to do right now? I have been wondering-dreaming-experiencing-meditating, a lot of internal and psychological aspects of me. Busy? in this intimate part hell yes! I have been traveling into a stream of daily but surreal time. Like a strawberry jelly, I feel the day composed by my common activities but touched by … Continue reading DO?

Your name

You are the soul of the universe, and your name is Love - Rumi What a wonderful start. By thinking and feeling that phrase. I been living life. As simple and obvious as it sounds. These weeks I have been surfing through change. Fight, softness, anger and then surrender. Family encounters,  lovers touch, procrastination, failure, … Continue reading Your name


Are we divided? As a normal response to this question, someone could answer: "yeah, that's obvious, you are you and I am another living organism! duh!" Sometimes I ask myself why I express. Writing, talking, dancing, taking pictures of what I consider significant, tweeting, painting my face, posting on webs and media, drawing, acting... a spiral … Continue reading Individual


Two days of retreat, inside a forest of silent trees caught astonished an asleep self  a bridge asked me to remember Who I was? Who I am? The birds, the wind, the sound of the footsteps, the breathing, a mind full of beauty and damage, the river making noise... all was whispering and creating a … Continue reading Pipeline

Adore you

Written by Claudia Gova Yesterday I went into a poem. I took a train across a show, a play, an orchestra, where a poetess drew images and joined intimate experiences to a close and small public. She invited strangers to her house -the event started from the outside to her sacred space. And I was … Continue reading Adore you