in love sometimes, while I walk, a soft internal voice emerges yesterday this whisper placed a simple thought in my head the image of pleasure and regret   I started wondering around the idea that we need balance I judge and saw myself situated on the satisfaction side whats wrong about that? you may point … Continue reading Drunk


By Claudia Gova Today a friend dedicated me a song. He said: "with the people I start to know deeply, I choose a song that reminds me of them". And this thing of him reminded me also a personal signature, I use to match images, characters, food or smells with people and circumstances. It's beautiful the … Continue reading Water

Adore you

Written by Claudia Gova Yesterday I went into a poem. I took a train across a show, a play, an orchestra, where a poetess drew images and joined intimate experiences to a close and small public. She invited strangers to her house -the event started from the outside to her sacred space. And I was … Continue reading Adore you