This blog pursues presence!

Hello dear reader,

I work as an apprentice. That can be an actual job? Maybe and Im finding it out. I continue learning about art, creation, expression, freedom and intimate relations.

Each blog posts are made to invite you to open up about perspectives about life, pleasures, quandaries, and tools. My experience, philosophy and thoughts .

The pursue is to share and create a bridge between readers and the ones beneath this project.

I love writing and take it closely, enjoying word by word until every publication is done.

So take a look and activate this literary portal

What’s the offer?

  • Words and worlds
  • A door for imagination
  • Voice
  • Connection

Michelle Gova

Principal writter

What can I tell? I’m the image, the mask, the writer, the experimental artist, the soul with body? I love I get angry I block I’m correct I’m messing with gramatical structures and I’m here, sharing because inside I want and I continuously grow through the awareness that lines and words give us all.