This summer, at a party, a great game came into the scenario. The girls in charge of the meeting, propose that each of the guests could present themselves through music, speech, movement, etc. So by turns, the hosts picked a person from the reunion, to stand and show. The way they do it, made me … Continue reading No-Yes

No room

These days I felt the time and space danced wild between compression and extension Like an accordion. Like a womb preparing a baby to be born. Like a cocoon craking. Change. I spoke to the universe and said: "you know what? I feel you and I am tired, should I give up? okay, I am … Continue reading No room

Adore you

Written by Claudia Gova Yesterday I went into a poem. I took a train across a show, a play, an orchestra, where a poetess drew images and joined intimate experiences to a close and small public. She invited strangers to her house -the event started from the outside to her sacred space. And I was … Continue reading Adore you