By Claudia Gova

If I say happiness, maybe just maybe expectations will not go to the sky…


our next topic, not a new trend, not a new discover

To what, to whom or where did you believe happiness is? How can it be caused? There are many crucial questions that we don´t bother to really ask. When I say this, I say it taking a look at the news I read and watch every day. I believe that answers are always there but we are so blind to catch them. How can we really listen, see and integrate what´s in front of us?

Late news: racism, economic depression, women abuse, child traffic, drugs, bankrupts, egocentric leaders…

News are news and I prefer of all of this situations to take the attitude towards what i call “the opportunity side”. We can sit there, meditate of our community actions, as a whole world and then breathe. That´s important!

To take a minute or two to catch the demands of human communities and understand that what we believe as “ways of happiness and well being” are fragile demands, more and more wanted and searched but in that search, many of hungry citizens, are taking wrong ways.

I was reading a good book of Csikszentmihalyi called Flow, a brave propose that turns positive psychology in my new list of universes to consider and inquire. Yes, I do have a list of issues that I am curious about and that appeared as unknown and attractive.

Back to my point in this book, the author propose that idea that happiness if what each person feels about their lives not a simple recipe of external objects to achieve but the internal information we let our mind process inside. In other words, there are no recipes, no specific lanes to accomplish… really?

Sound simple, to turn the direction of our focus, from searching happiness in the outside like pursuing actions that makes us happy, joyful and complete to start by pointing toward our chest. Mihalyi in his book explains that optimal experiences, experiences where we feel that we have subtle control of our lives, only depend on our capacity of internal control.

So whats on the table here its conscience. The path of each of us to enter again to an infinite cave that not only the brain has to do with it. The brain, the heart, our whole body and internal functions and ways of procedure are part of that cave that is there to be lighten up.

photo credit: Chris Turnham


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